Learners should reach their desired resources in few clicks. But to find a particular learning resource in a Learning Management System like Moodle is sometimes not easy at all. Text clouds can help to find a targeted file with only one click.

Moodle TextCloud is an additional block for Moodle that generates a text cloud with the most frequent keywords of the course. Text keywords are automatically extracted from course resources (HTML and text pages, PDF files, WORD and PPT documents, ODF documents), and correspond to the most frequent words that appear in course resources. Keywords are represented in form of a tag cloud visualization. The size of keywords in the visual representation reflects the frequency of the keywords among the resources of the course. Keywords in visual representations are hyperlinks. When the user click on a keyword, a small pop-up shows a collection of resources that contains that keyword. The user can then select and immediately access the requested resource.

Moodle TextCloud is available for Moodle 1.9.x and Moodle 2.0.x.

Software license

Moodle textcloud is released as free software under the GPL software license and is available for download in the Sourceforge website.